Hillyard Glacier HSP Hand Scrub Pad

Item # HIL30312

  • Add a splash of a Hillyard cleaner like Green Select[R] Degreaser Cleaner and Hillyard HSP pads will easily remove scuff marks and dirt.
  • Double sided!
Manufacturers Item #HIL30312
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Versatile enough to use on many surfaces like tile, vinyl, stainless steel, glass and plastic, dry wall and more.

  • Ideal for use in the most restrictive of regulatory concerns.
  • The addition of the blue durability strip provides dimensional stability to harness both the power and the longevity of each individual eraser.
  • The eraser quickly removes crayon, marker, ink, lipstick, tea and coffee stains, soap scum, scuff marks, fingerprints, hard water spots, red wine stains, nicotine film, rust spots, pencil, carbon residue, burn marks and more from walls, floors, doors, van
  • Use this product practically anywhere. Institutional settings include daycare, schools, offices, hospitals, prisons, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, and more. Industrial settings include factories, garages, bus barns, train and bus repair centers, and
  • This Product uses NO CHEMICALS to perform as described, making it about the most environmentally friendly solution you could choose. The Eraser needs only ordinary tap water to facilitate the cleaning action.